Afshan Majeed

Afshan Majeed

Content Writer

I am a passionate SEO content writer with 5-years of experience in delivering proven results through writing high-quality and audience-targeted articles on various topics: from celebrity news to lifestyle hacks.

I use my passion for a content writing to equip business owners and personnel with the knowledge on how to revive their businesses especially in the midst of this global pandemic and guide them through their transition into the digital business world.

As an assertive and creative person, I also adapt to different situations, can cope with pressure, meet deadlines, and become a good team member. Besides, I also use SEO keywords in the content for online visibility and can help companies run a blog, which can generate leads and increase traffic.

Key Competencies:

- Content Writing
- Content Marketing
- Time Management
- Team Work
- Creative Thinking
- Research Skills

Key Achievements:

+ Had high KPI and helped increase overall revenue
+ Increased the company’s online visibility in Google with SEO
+ Made research on topics which scored high rankings, according to Google Analytics and Facebook