Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not?

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not?

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not?

“Content is king” is an often cited quote in the world of digital marketing, search engine marketing and content marketing. Behind this is the belief that the content, the text in particular, is central to the success of a website.

The quote “content is a king” is originally from an essay Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996. In it, he describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. The phrase “content is a king” is not new, but because of the increased focus on content marketing strategies, the quote is used very often.

The success of websites depends on quality content. A website must offer content that meets the demands of users, and it should be optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

In online marketing services the Content is a king of marketing and it gives a very good reason to the best marketer in the world to speak about the content with such massive passion.

Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise. Get web services explains how to create powerful content to help you sell your services and grow your professional business.

There are so many people using the internet and social media to find information which will help them to make their life easier, help them to make or save more money or to get more time back in their lives. If you provide SEO services which enable people to do any of these things, than you can make money from the services that you provide, but how do they know you exist and if they do know you, why should they choose you?

Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin

If you run any type of professional business today you’ll know that, in terms of marketing, the world has changed dramatically. Tried and tested activities for getting client attention. You are expert in what you do and know that there are clients out there who would really value your assistance. How on earth do in the past five to ten years, the web has transformed buying behavior.

This is where the content comes in and for that you can track down different internet marketing services to gather more people around. So if you are one of the thousands of business out there and you don’t have a blog or not using it, than you are missing a massive opportunity to attract new clients and customers and prospects which definitely means money. If you are not using your blog, thing you leaving on the table and your competitors are quite happy to pick them up.

Content Marketing Changed the Buying Behavior in the World.

In the past, if a potential client wanted information on your services he would call your office and engage you or one of your sales team to get the lowdown on your offering.

Today, his first port of call is undoubtedly the internet. He’ll search on Google, check out your website and expect to sign up to article updates or social media feeds to find out more. He is checking to see who he could best trust to solve his business problem. He expects to find valuable content.

Your clients are in control and you’d better make sure that the information you put up about your company answers their questions and positions you as the trusted resource they seek.

Today, effective marketing is all about creating high quality content and sharing this across the web. By quality content we don’t just mean information that is well-written or artfully produced. By quality content we mean information that is first and foremost of real value to your particular client base.

Educate your clients, show them best practice, tell them what to look out for, give them valuable tips on how to achieve success, demonstrate how you’ve helped others in their shoes; answer their problems, open their eyes.

Creating and distributing this kind of relevant, valuable and compelling information will help you turn prospects into buyers and buyers into long-term fans.

Why Use Blogs and Articles?

Blogs are the forefront of a digital revolution called inbound marketing which attract people to your content resulting them get to know who you are and what you do more importantly how you can help them. From that sack there are many ways to utilize your Digital Content to convey your massage or services to masses. Great content really does help you get more leads and helps your reputation and make real consistent sales.

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-1

The opportunity

Create the type of information your buyers actually want to consume. Professional Digital Marketing Services with valuable content is a win-win for your company and its customers — your potential clients get the information they require and you get to demonstrate your expertise and usefulness.

Valuable content will help you to increase leads and sale. It helps your ideal clients find you and makes it easier for them to buy from you. It’s an opportunity to position your company as the “go to” place to turn to when the time comes to buy.

Why top marketers and the biggest businesses in the world put so much time and money into content creation?

As content enables you to build reputation and everyone knows that people buy from reputable companies. It also position you as an expert and this is key critical to authority within your leisure your industry. You know the people are in the same line of business as you are successful. This is because they have an authority within the nation and people listen to people with authority and this leads onto content. They prefer the relevant, useful and unique content for this purpose different companies consult Digital marketing services. In this way the content they create becoming more visible.

So if you create a suitable content you could become more visible and start to challenge market leaders. The last thing is engagement, are you creating in nothing of people engage with you really start creating some content fast. Not just any content it needs to be professional, high quality and linked back to your lead generation pages or sales pages. You can take help from the Professional Search Engine Optimization services present over the internet to bring out the high quality content to boost up your sales. Your first step towards creating content can take you to the top in the market.

A different approach to client communication

If you want to reap the rewards that valuable content brings you need to start communicating differently. There are different rules of engagement here. The valuable content approach is not about continuing to holler about how amazing your firm is as we all did in the past. Unthink what you learned about sales and marketing messages.

Your position should be not “look how great we are” (as in a traditional brochure) but “look how useful we are – we have the answers to your problems.”

This approach is truly customer-centered. Create content that is genuinely useful to your customers. Make yourself indispensable.

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-2

It’s difficult but essential

Creating and consistently delivering this type of information takes effort. You need to build a deep understanding of the needs of your target client base and of where and how you add value. It also takes time and skill.

Valuable content may not be easy but it is an essential tool if you are going to grow and sustain a successful business in today’s web-driven world.

How Content is King in Content Marketing

Get Web Services ran a study that determined that 73 percent of companies have focused content marketing strategies. Content marketing is a marketing strategy centered around the visitor’s interests with quality content instead of advertising. This evolved from the fact that users no longer pay attention to the daily onslaught of advertising messages on sites. In online advertising, this is known as banner blindness.

For this reason, companies try to create content that provides value to the visitor. Thus, the perception of the company is positively influenced by the public. In addition, companies can keep track of different content marketing strategies:

  • Positioning yourself as an expert: There you have it, the power of expert positioning and a few tips to help get you started. You can’t long mask a lack of skill or experience with expert triggers, but you can explode your business when you use them to highlight true knowledge and ability.
  • Branding: Branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image — often using a logo and tag line – in order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep customers
  • Improve search engine ranking: To watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results. Publish relevant content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. Update your content regularly, put metadata, have a link-worthy site and use alt tags.
  • Acquire and retain customers: Satisfied customers willing to serve as references for your new prospects often make the difference between winning and losing the sale. Getting and keeping those references, however, is a challenging and time-consuming job.
  • Generate (blog) Traffic: It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. There’s an art to increasing a blog’s traffic. Target your content to an audience likely to share.
  • Generate new leads: To generate new leads you have to make strategy which includes newsletters, blog, twitter, infographics, develop an engaging video, webinars, media coverage, strong branding etc.
  • Generate backlinks: What constitutes popularity online? From a search engine’s perspective, backlinks from another site pointing to yours is a meaningful vote of confidence. Google optimization works. Popularity is a pretty good indicator of a website’s value. Having websites link back to you is very much still a basic requirement for getting search engine fueled website traffic.

The tools for content marketing include, for example, white papers, infographics, ebooks and blogs. Seeding of content is placing it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-3

GetWebServicesOnline provides social media marketing services to their clients very efficiently.

The basis for relevant content is quality text. Good web content fulfills a number of criteria:

  • Unique: The content must be unique. Unique Content is a term that relates to search engine optimization (SEO). It means content is original and not duplicated anywhere else. Unique content plays a key role in search rankings because search algorithms rate unique content highly and penalize websites for posting duplicate content.
  • Target specific groups: No matter what type of writing you are doing, you should plan to write to someone – that is, you should target an audience for your writing assignment. Audience analysis is crucial to understanding what should go into each piece of writing. You should consider your audience’s needs in your research; your content; the background information you provide; your tone, style, and wording; and the frequency with which you define terminology. Analyzing your audience will help you make the necessary decisions about what you will write.
  • Entertaining and informative: The content must be entertaining and informative as well as unique. The content should provide valuable and useful information to the reader. It should teach them at least one or two things or answer at least one question they have. This can be adjusted depending on where the content will be published (such as a blog, website, add or social media) and what the main purpose of the content is. So, that your targeted audience read and share it with others.
  • Reader-friendly, well-structured and error free: The rule for creating great content is also one of the most important. Relevance applies to a few different things: The content must be relevant to the niche, business, or company that it’s being written about. In addition to this, it must also be relevant to the audience it’s being written for as well as it’s well-structured and error free.
  • Optimized for search engines: Make sure that the content published is must be optimized through social media or else. Content optimization gives you the insight to create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions.

To succeed with content marketing, in addition to high-quality content, a strategic approach is helpful. A content strategy can be divided into the following steps:

  • Content auditing: A content audit is “an accounting of all currently published web content” and a “cornerstone of content strategy”. It is a qualitative analysis of information assets on a website or blog; that is, the assessment of content and its relationship to surrounding information assets within specified website content analysis parameters.
  • Goal setting: When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them.
  • Planning: Without a plan or strategy you can’t get results or optimize your content. A marketing plan is a comprehensive blueprint which outlines an organization’s overall marketing efforts.
  • Creation: Create content and strategy according to your targeted audience and business. Which generate leads and sales to grow your business.
  • Publishing: Your unique, valuable and interesting content should be published on some worthy platforms to get readers attention.
  • Sharing: For content optimization, you must have an effective content sharing strategy. If you don’t have a good content sharing strategy there is no point in writing content! When you post your content you need to share to platforms that you are active on some of this has to be done manually and some can be automated. This article goes through how you optimize your content sharing so that you can more traffic and ultimately leads or sales!

How Content is King in SEO

Unique, high-quality and current content is essential for good ranking in search engines like Google. During the early days of the Internet, websites were able to achieve a high ranking just by loading the text with keywords. Since then, Google has provided new updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird that rate quality content increasingly higher.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to use SEO services to increase your rankings, you simply crammed your website as full of keywords as possible. Some less scrupulous web designers crammed their sites full of popular, but irrelevant, keywords. Of course, that only worked for websites who only wanted to display ads and were not concerned with getting visitors to come back.

Today, SEO is not just for con men anymore. Respectable businesses are learning how to optimize their websites so they can be found by people who are searching for the products and services they want to sell. This means, of course, that they don’t just want visitors to drop by once. They hope to keep them coming back. This is why content is so important.

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-4

A variety of factors influence the ranking.

The weighting is constantly analyzed by search engines for different factors. However, experts agree that the content of a website is one of the most important criteria for ranking in search engines.

Therefore, “content is king” in the SEO industry. Only with high-quality content can the ranking of a site be optimized.

There are two important aspects of web content. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call them Quantity and Quality.

Quality means that the content should be well written and be free from those embarrassing typos that make visitors wonder if your website really knows what it’s talking about. For our purposes, however, it also means that content should be rich in keywords, informative and interesting, so that the visitor feels they’ve learned something. Such is the power of Quality content.

Quantity, on the other hand, means that your website should be updated regularly with new content added. A visitor may return to an informational article once, or even two or three times, but if your website’s content never changes, eventually, there will be no reason for him to return.

That’s why Webmasters and SEO experts have a saying: “Content is King.” It’s very true. A website’s content, even more so than its products, is what attracts visitors. If you can’t write good content yourself, GetWebServices can help you by providing an author who can write SEO-optimized for your industry.

How often should you add new content to your site? This is where experts differ. Some say once a week is often enough. Others say twice a day, at least. It depends on the nature of the site, of course; a website’s commercial blog should be updated once or even twice per day. Static content, however, can be added once or twice a week. Try to space it out. Going for weeks without adding anything then suddenly adding ten different articles isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Why Content is Not King

So, why is content not the king that we all thought? And is something else taking its place as the thing that we should all be focusing on?

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-5

1- Brilliant and high-quality content is not enough, ever

People like James Chartrand and Derek Halpern have been saying this for a long time.

Good content is not enough because everyone has good content.

Yes! you also need to promote it.

The number of emails I get from people complaining that their epic content is not getting noticed is quite amazing. It’s a problem that bloggers have been having since the beginning of time.

And so when new bloggers (and old bloggers, for that matter) hear experts telling them that content is king they often make the mistake of thinking that’s all they need to do to succeed.

Sadly, no!

Brilliant content is never enough.

You also need to know how to get that content out there, how to do that content viral, how to reach new audiences and then make sure the traffic that you do get converts into a subscriber or customer. And that is a massively different set of skills.

2- Is it share-able?

People don’t share advertisements. People share things of value to them. The great thing about content is, when it’s done right, people share it with their colleagues and friends.

Value can mean many different things to many different people. Valuable content can be helpful, entertaining, controversial, or personal. Different segments of the population and different industries value different things. It’s good to keep in mind that what you value, may not be what your target market values.

When you create content that people find value in and they share it. All a reader has to do is copy and paste your URL and posit it on social media or send it out via email. You’ve just need to activated your free content marketing army.

It might sound obvious to you and me but the people asking, “Why is content king?” must not understand that content is king because people can share it! Content is king because it makes it easy for other people to spread your message!

3- What we have to do, after the content and promotion happens?

The next thing that a lot of bloggers seem to miss is the overall strategy that a good piece of royal content should be part of.

Let’s say you write a massive link-bait article that takes you a week to research and put together. It’s amazing. And then let’s say you use Facebook Ads to promote that content and you start to get a lot of traffic coming to it.

Well, then what?

Almost no bloggers that I talk to have an idea about what happens next. You really need to have a plan in place for how you are going to capture email subscribers, sell a product, promote an affiliate product, etc.

That is called a funnel.

And it’s something I am really interested in testing and developing.

4- How ordinary content succeeds in a big way

The other sad thing that we need to accept nowadays is that ordinary content is smashing it.

Take a look at these viral sharing sites that often just take stories off of the front page of Reddit and imgur, and then make huge amounts of money by crafting clever headlines and introductions and taking advantage of a Facebook algorithm that prefers that kind of content.

Now, I know some people love that content. And often the stories/videos are very uplifting and make you giggle for five seconds. And sometimes they do put a lot of research into the pulling ideas together. So I don’t want to take anything away from them in that sense.

But they are certainly not 3,000+ word articles full of useful information and resources that we write that sometimes take a month to research and a week to write out.

These sites are making hundreds of thousands from Adsense ads. And so we need to accept that maybe good content is not even necessary in some niches. Catchy content is.

Digital Marketing: Still Content is King or Not-6

So what the heck do we do?

So what the heck do you do if content is no longer king?

Are we all wasting time writing these long-form articles that take us days to put together?


Of course not.

But it really shouldn’t be the only thing that you are doing.

It might not even need to be the main thing that you are doing.

But what takes its place?

  • Solid content strategies

Make sure you actually know what you want to achieve with your blog. Who are you targeting and what actions do you want them to take once they encounter your content? Without this it is really a bit wasteful to just produce good (but random) content.

  • Experimentation

One of the things I have learned as I spend more and more time in an online business is that experimentation really is the main thing that we do. The money that you make finances more experiments. It could be new promotional strategies, split testing, whatever. Keep testing to see what works because the environment we work in is constantly changing.

  • Collaboration

Two buddies got together about a year ago when they noticed some funny stuff happening with Google. They set up some experiments and decided to run with it. Now Glen and Diggy (from ViperChill) are making $75,000 a month from a brand new SEO business. They have a team working for them. Take a look at anything big that has happened in the last five years and it usually is a result of people getting together.

Of course, I’m not saying that we abandon the idea that good content is important.

It absolutely is.

But if you want to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace you need to be doing other things as well.

Kings are a bit out of date anyway.


The quote “content is king” is very often used in conjunction with content marketing and SEO. It implies that unique, high-quality, interesting and relevant content contributes significantly to the success of companies on the Internet with the help of good professional marketing strategy. Companies should, therefore, primarily think of great planning for content marketing before they take further measures in their search engine optimization. In content marketing, the quality of the content offered will decide the level of your success.

Creating high-value content is good, but creating high-value content strategically is even better!

Content truly is king on the Internet but along with a good marketing strategy. Use it properly, and first-time visitors will become repeat visitors.

Do you agree?

I know this one is going to polarise a few people so I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree with the “content is king” mantra or do you think it is now much more complicated than that?

Leave a comment below and Let me know to get Web Services.

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