5 Ways How Dubai Web Design Impact Customer Experience


5 Ways How Dubai Web Design Impact Customer Experience

In internet marketing strategy the web designing from the recognized Web Designing Companies in Dubai is one of the essential parts. The designing have the huge impact on the digital user’s experience in the variety of manners. For the online success of the business, the site must be aesthetics, usability and must have crucial factors in it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the basic five web designing aspects and also their impact on enhancement in the site. The Dubai Web Design Company also follows them for making the site more attractive and successful in the internet world and among the competitors.

1- Outlook (Appearance)

The web designing plays the very important role in the appearance of the business site. It is totally up to your requirements that how your site looks. The appearance is the first impression on the new online visitors so make the decision really smartly or take the services of expert Web Design Agency Dubai.

The web designing done by the designers are talking about its two following extremes.

·         The older website that follows the trends of 1996

·         The newer website design that follows new trends, techniques and the standards of web designs

There are many websites that are presently online and follows the both of the new and older trends but these sites are representing to major opposite ends of the spectrum. It is good to design the site in between the middle but does appeal the customers and updated in the year 2017.

Regardless of the look of the website, the important goal is to have the up to date and current website with the modern and trending designs as done by the Web Development Company in Dubai. Here are the lists of few trendy designing factors that are must include:

·         Website should be Responsive

·         Parallax scrolling should be included

·         Font should be big, bold and clear

·         Images should be eye catchy and in high quality

·         Add multimedia

Website should be Responsive

The responsive design means that it is code in such a manner that it gives the same functionality, usability, and reliability on every device wherever someone is accessing it.

The responsive designing helps the visitors to view your site from desktop computers or a smart phone easily.  From both the users will experience and navigate the information they are searching for.

Parallax scrolling should be included

It refers to the overlaying of the two different visuals on the web page that are having the capability of moving on someone scrolls at the different speeds.

This will help in engaging and read the content by providing the visitors the cutting edge visual experience when they are on the site.

Font should be big, bold and clear

The font of the website should be clear and have the ability to understand just like the sans-serif font style. It is best and is easy to read online on screens.

The easily readable and clear font makes the user experience smoother and helps them to get the desired information out of each sentence effortlessly on the site.

Images should be eye catchy and in high quality

The images that are used on the site by the professional and skilled team of the Web Design Company in Dubai are using the high-quality images, full-width graphics on the top position of their articles and site to summarize the written text.

These images are known as the “hero” because they are the champions of the article.  These images are helpful in generating the clicks for the social media platforms and are presenting the idea of the business clearly to the visitors.

Add Multimedia

The multimedia means the adding of images, videos, visual elements and the interactions that are used in breaking the text and help the users to understand the main concept of the content.

When you are going to use the multimedia in the content it helps in engaging, scan able and make the content enjoyable for the readers.

The appearance of the website matters a lot and plays the essential role in the success and the failure of the site. It has the more impact than just how the business website looks and appearance.

2- Professionalism

The professionalism for the designing is really important and has seen in the Web Design UAE companies a lot. It is important because of it the impression that is made by you by the visitors of the site before they start reading your content.

You always want that whenever someone arrives at your site they can understand what you want to say to them and also come to know about the main goal of your respectable business. The impression of the site is fully depending on the design of the website.

Here are the few following Web Designing Elements that are going to contribute to the professionalism term.

  • Culture Page
  • Staff Photos
  • Customer’s outcome

Culture Page

It is referring to the page that is exclusively talking about the approach of the company to daily operations. This page shows all the extracurricular activities that are performed by the company besides working. This help in making alert the customers about the employee’s happiness.

Staff Photos

By speaking about the happiness of the employee with the staff images can also be a great way of reinforcing the professionalism. The images can be any sort whether you pick the image of happy hour or the image during their working hours to show their hard work to customers. The images show the clients that the business is not a brand name it more.

Customer’s Outcome

You can also showcase the result of the valuable customers just like professional Web Design Dubai companies.  It qualifies the work quality of yours and helps in going the trust of the visitors more quickly.

3- Clarity in Web Designing

Such like the Web Development Dubai, make the website design clear and easy to navigate so that the visitors are able to find quickly what they are looking for. This clarity enhances the navigation and helps the users to find the information or services they want in a faster way.

Nowadays the navigation of the site comes in the following few styles.

  • Breadcrumb
  • Drop-down Menu


It is inspired by the story of the Gretel and Hansel. It is the type of navigation that if someone clicks on the new web page of the site the site will automatically load and adds the previous page navigation bar.  If the user clicks back icon, it directly can view the previous pages instantly.

Drop-down Menu

The drop-down menu on the site makes the users get to know that what the sections that are contained by that page are. Then the users are allowed to click on the link or section they are interested in getting its information.

These two navigations have the capability of working together and give the excellent result to the visitors. In homepage of the site, the designers can use the drop down menus and if someone clicks on the new page of the site then use the breadcrumbs navigation on that clicked page.

There are many other options of navigation is available but the drop down and the breadcrumbs are the two most useful and popular in the web designing industry.

4- Loading time of Website

Loading time of the website refers to the time that is taken by the site to display the required page on the device to view.  It is one of the major Google Ranking factors and is one of the famous crucial parts in the success and the failure of a site in the internet world.

The internet users are the concern with the loading time that is done in the blink of an eye and also used the minimal data.

Here are the following few ways to reducing the loading time of the site.

  • Optimize the image Sizes
  • Eliminate the Auto-Play Multimedia
  • Use white Space

Optimize the Image Sizes

Make sure you initially optimize all the images on the website so that it can load so quickly. The best way to do so is to use the .jpg files for the site. This is the best format that shows high-quality images in the minimum file size.

Eliminate the Auto-Play Multimedia

Eliminate the auto play of the multimedia like the audio and the video on the site. This help in making the users feel relaxed when they visit your site on their smart phones because this will not consume the unwanted mobile data.

With the consumption of the mobile data, it has also become an irritation for the visitors. There are many users who are going to leave the site instantly if they get such automatic videos and audios in their face. It is good instead of automatic that use the manual activation on each and every page of the site.

Use White Space

The use of the white space more frequently on the site will help in reducing the demand for the data. The white space refers to any unused space on the web pages where you cannot use any sort of text, image or video for the mobile users. The white spacing is useful in making the content and all the important tag lines visible easily more generally for the smart phone users.  Space helps in understanding everything effortlessly.

5- Conversions

It is the significant part of the site’s success and failure.  The business of yours will never be thriving online without the conversion.

In Dubai Web Designing, the conversions can impact in the numerous ways and all of them are really important.  From all, here are the three most impactful ways of the conversions.

  • Color
  • KISS Principle
  • Faces


It refers to the color scheme in the web designing that are intelligently selected by the designers to highlight the selling proposition.  It is going to the site if they select the cool colors like the red or yellow for the call to action buttons. These colors help the button to stand out so that the visitors are easily going to find them on site.

KISS Principle

KISS stands for the Keep it Simple, Stupid. The idea is that in web designing it is better to keep the design simple. It makes it easy to follow and organize the site and also assist the visitors to easily convert. Avoid using loading backgrounds and the showy graphics on the website.


The human faces in the business website help the visitors of the site to relate to the business more quickly. Use the stock images but if you use the images of your staff it would be best. These images show you the human site and make the customers feel relaxed in making the contact with you more comfortably.

By using all the above concepts in the web designing you are going to make the website much more effective, efficient and reliable at earning and engaging the new customers.



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